A Question You Must Ask Before You Get Rich

I believe there’s one question you must ask yourself BEFORE you experience your biggest financial breakthrough.

What is it?

Here’s a hint: I launched my Digital Flipping course over a year ago.

Maybe that hint is too cryptic. But, were you able to find out what question you should be asking yourself?


Here it is:

When was the last time you stuck with a business for a year or more?

Think of it this way…

If you’re hopping from one business to another then you start all over at Level 1 each time.

Now, if you’re always at Level 1 you’re nowhere near Level 100, right?

But, what if you stick with a business for a year or longer… What level are you at now? Level 25? Level 50? Level 100?

No one knows but you. But you sure as hell aren’t back at Level 1, right!?

And if you aren’t back at Level 1 then you sure are closer to your goal of riches aren’t you?

Damn right.

Now, what if you can’t stick to something?

If you can’t stick to something then I believe it’s because you don’t have alignment.

What do I mean?

I mean you probably don’t have¬†clarity as to what your strengths are and how you want to use them to impact lives at scale.

If you did then you’d already be doing it, and you’d be pursuing it without distraction.

And by using your talents in a way that others value, at scale, then you’re working your way towards riches.

So what’s the main lesson here?

As always:

  1. Find out your strengths
  2. Apply them in a way that others value at scale
  3. Overcome, adapt, learn, grow, master
  4. Don’t quit

Will it be easy? No. Will you get rich right away? Hell no.

Will it be the most rewarding thing ever and you’ll end up realizing your true potential? Yes.

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Paulo Perdu

Paulo Perdu made his first dollar online in 2010. His courses help over 18,000 students in 162 countries to make their first dollar online, or even replace their jobs. He has received over 930 reviews and an overall 4.5 instructor rating. He continually shares what's working today at LibertyBlueprint.com