I made my first dollar online in 2010.

I made that money through online poker. Back then, I didn’t know about online marketing.

I still remember my first online poker check coming out to more than $400. I couldn’t believe this was actually possible.

My original dream was to be an online poker millionaire.

But that wasn’t my fate.

Sometime in 2011, right when I was finally making money… online poker became illegal in the states.

So there I was… stuck between skipping college classes… looking for another way to live a lifestyle on my own terms.

All I knew was that I didn’t want a “real job”. I felt isolated. I couldn’t relate to anyone anymore.

So, I went on a learning spree.

I typed “make money online” in Google… and went down the rabbit hole.

It was overwhelming. I had to un-learn everything I was taught. I got scammed. And I had to learn new things and see the world differently.

I remember I made my first dollar through online marketing by promoting an affiliate offer.

I think my commission came out to about $31.86… or something like that. Again, I couldn’t believe this was possible and that I was actually doing it.

And this was way better than online poker… because I didn’t actually have to “sit down” at a poker table and be there to make money.

Instead, I learned I could set something up and watch it make money for me automatically, and passively.

I became obsessed.

And since then I’ve been making online, never needing a “real job”, and living the lifestyle that I actually wanted.

To keep it real… this is just a short snippet of the past 10 YEARS of my journey. Some students of mine see the results I get through what I teach in my courses and they’re blown away.

Now, remember, if you’re like me… we grew up with broke parents… broke friends… broke teachers… broke minds surrounding us.

So it took a long time for me to re-wire my environment, my beliefs, my thought patterns, and my actions… before getting consistent results.

That’s why my goal is to help you shorten the time it takes for you to reach whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.

Just remember–success really is all about way the you think. I can’t stress that enough.

If I started all over I would focus way more on developing the success mindset. I would’ve reached success way faster if I did.

That’s why I share mindset tips through my blog posts and courses, while showing how to actually take action upon those timeless principles through online marketing strategies that work today.

I’ll continually share what I learn (tip: always keep learning)… provide some tough love (not hold your hand)… and keep it real.

Enjoy 🙂

Paulo Perdu