Affiliate Marketing: Good For Beginners Or Not?

In this article, we’ll see if affiliate marketing is good for beginners or not.

We’ll cover the pros and cons of affiliate marketing, and we’ll even mention easier ways for beginners to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

The way people get paid with affiliate marketing is by promoting an offer for a commission.

For example, imagine a company has a fat loss pill. And you have an Instagram page that people follow for fitness motivation.

You can then potentially promote this as an affiliate offer to your followers and earn a commission.

If the company sells the pill for $40 and provides a 50% commission… you’d earn $20 per sale.

That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

The Pros of Affiliate Marketing

No Product Creation Skills

Creating a great product takes time and additional resources that beginner online entrepreneurs may not have.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to create your own products to make money. You’d simply promote something great that already exists.

This means it can take less time to make money.

And that’s the appeal of affiliate marketing.

Millions of Products To Promote

Nearly every product line has an affiliate program available for you to join.

After all, which business doesn’t want more customers?

In fact, Amazon’s affiliate program literally gives you access to a million products to promote. And, keep in mind, Amazon is just one affiliate program.

There are tons of affiliate programs out there. And some of them don’t even require a sale in order to earn a commission.

Some offers only require an email, a zip code, an app install, a download, etc.

Less Moving Parts

Creating your own product has a lot of moving parts that can go wrong.

Imagine having to deal with research and development, manufacturing, inventory, product damage or loss, quality control, employees, customer service, tech issues, etc.

With affiliate marketing you can forget all that.

Your focus will be on marketing and salesmanship.

The Cons of Affiliate Marketing

High Competition 

Affiliate programs are free to join.

Again, every business wants help to bring in more customers.

This means whatever you promote is likely also being promoted by a hundred or a thousand other affiliates.

So if you want to make sales you’re going to have to put in time into being a great marketer.

Learning Curve 

There is definitely less of a learning curve because you don’t have to create your own product.

But, there’s still a learning curve nonetheless. 

You’ll still need to learn and master salesmanship and marketing.

Your success will depend on how well you’re able to empathize with a group of people. And how well you communicate the match between them and the perfect product.

And you’ll need to master marketing, which is reaching these people in mass.

This can take a long time to master and may require funds for an ad budget.

Is There An Easier Business Than Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

Affiliate marketing is definitely a less advanced way to start earning online.

But, it still requires time (or ad budget) to learn how to build an audience and make conversions.

Because of this, I’d recommend easier businesses like Digital Flipping that doesn’t require much of a time commitment or learning curve.

What is Digital Flipping?

Imagine someone wants a logo done for $150.

You then outsource logo design for $20. Then you pocket the difference.

That’s Digital Flipping in a nutshell.

Small Learning Curve

With Digital Flipping, you don’t have to build an audience.

You don’t have to learn paid traffic or social media marketing.

That’s because you’d instead go straight to proven buyers online.

And because you can outsource all the work, you also won’t have to put time into learning product creation, additional skills, or trades.

Earn Faster

Because you go straight to proven online buyers you can earn faster.

For example, once you find a buyer and deliver the work then you can get paid out within 5 days (or even instantly) depending on your payout method.

Again, you don’t need to build an audience.

There are online marketplaces where buyers are already lined up.

Less Competition

With Digital Flipping, each deal only has between 5 to 20 other people you’re competing with.

At most, 50.

But, keep in mind, these people aren’t marketers. They’re freelancers that may not really know how to sell themselves or communicate their value.

So the competition is weaker than competing with a bunch of affiliates that know how to market and sell.

Plus, in the free Digital Flipping course, I show you exactly what messages to type to close theses deals and stand out from the competition.

Plus, I show which deals are actually worth it so you can find hidden gems and don’t waste your time.

In closing, affiliate marketing is a good way to make money online.

In fact, I make money from affiliate marketing. But I don’t consider it to be the easiest way for beginners to get started online.

I’d recommend easier businesses like Digital Flipping first so you can build up your bankroll, experience, and confidence.

Then when you’re ready to tackle more complex businesses that require bigger pockets you can do so.

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