Airbnb As A Side Hustle?


If you have any property (or even a spare room) you can rent it out to other people using a site like AirBnb. If you’re renting you can sublease any unit you’re currently renting (depending on your contract).


  • Turning your property into a more affordable short-term rental (compared to local hotels) can turn into lucrative side hustle.
  • You can meet people from all over the world.


  • Your property must be in a desired location for incoming visitors.
  • Of course, you’ll need to provide a place that’s well furnished, well photographed, and you must be able to provide great customer service.
  • You’ll need to ensure your property is always well maintained. This means staying on top of light switches, paint, and overall cleanliness. Don’t forget scrubbing toilets.
  • There will also be some management required. Be ready to stay in communication with incoming visitors, current guests, and managing your calendar for visitors.
  • You must purchase insurance for short-term rentals. (Traditional policies do not cover this.) This will save you from guests that end up partying hard. Also, be sure to screen potential guests about their trip and intentions.

VS Digital Flipping

  • With Digital Flipping, your location doesn’t matter. Why? Because we’re leveraging an international marketplace online. This can be done in nearly every single country.
  • Because we’re dealing with digital goods and services, nothing needs to be maintained. And zero toilets need to be scrubbed.
  • There will be some management required. You will be talking to some clients. But it’s all done via messaging (so no worries if you’re camera shy). Plus, I share with you the word-for-word proposal scripts you need to close deals. And if clients have any questions, you simply relay those questions to your outsourcer. Again, we’re acting like an agency in a sense.
  • No upfront purchases will be needed. No insurance. And practically no risk. Once you close a deal the profits are secured in escrow. Then and only then, will you spend a money to hire an outsourcer. And, of course, you simply spend less than what you’ll earn so that you can profit.
Paulo Perdu

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