Amazon Kindle Publishing: Good Business Idea Or Not?

The Amazon Kindle self-publishing business has seen an increase of popularity of the past years.

But is it a business worth going into?

In this article, we’ll discuss how to make money as a kindle self-publisher, the costs and cons, and the earning potential of Kindle self-publishing.

The Business of Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing

The beauty behind Amazon’s self-publishing platform is that anyone who dreams of becoming an author can now do so easily.

Now, there’s no need to go the traditional route… pitch to literary agents and get rejected, handle contract negotiations, and get a publishing contract.

With Amazon Kindle self-publishing it’s no longer a slow, rejection-filled process. You can now easily upload manuscripts, design your own covers, set your prices and royalties, and market your own books.

The Pros of Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing

It’s Free

It’s completely free to self-publish, sell, and leverage Amazon’s customer base and platform.

Amazon gets paid by splitting royalties from the earnings of your books. And you retain all the rights to your books.

Higher Royalties Than Traditional Publishers

Traditional publishers would typically cut a deal for 10% royalties or much less.

With Amazon Kindle self-publishing, you can earn royalties between 35% – 75% (if your book is priced between $2.99 – $9.99).

Publish Your Book In 12 Hours Or Less

Once you upload your manuscript and book description on Amazon it’ll typically go live for sale within 12 hours.

If you need to make revisions you can easily upload the updated manuscript or make any changes at any time.

You can also create paperback versions of your book via CreateSpace and narrated versions via Audible.

Sales Tracker

Amazon also provides a sales tracker where you can review the sales of each book you’ve published.

You can also see the royalties you’ve earned in each country.

The Cons Of An Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing Business

Enormous Competition

The ease, speed, and free cost of using Amazon’s self-publishing platform has invited thousands of competing authors in virtually every genre.

Because of this, eBooks are now expected by consumers to be priced at $5.00 or much less. This means less earnings per sale for you.

In order to stand out, you must be exceptional.

Time and Cost Investment

It takes time to write a high-quality book.

So you’ll be investing weeks or months into writing one that has a good chance of selling.

If you aren’t doing everything yourself then there are costs involved. You’ll have to pay to get the book written, edited, formatted, and promoted.

Without a publisher to help you, you’ll need to be in charge of marketing your products. You’ll have to build an audience, manage reviews, write a book description that sells and more.

You can’t expect to upload streams of mediocre books and start swimming in passive income.

Payout Schedule

The payout for Amazon Kindle is 60 days after earnings.

So for example, if you earned money in January, then you won’t receive January’s earnings until April.

Is There A Better Business For Beginners Than Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing?

If you do everything yourself than the low cost (or zero cost) of kindle self-publishing is a great way for beginners to start.

But there are alternative businesses, like Digital Flipping, that can prove to be a better option for beginners.

What Is Digital Flipping?

With Digital Flipping you’d simply go straight to proven buyers online and then outsource the service they need.

For example, if someone needs web design for $500.00, you’d outsource the work to someone else for $100.00.

Why Digital Flipping May Be Better

Faster Payouts

With Digital Flipping, you can get paid much sooner.

Once you close a deal, you can get paid in 5 days or even less. This makes it a more favorable approach if you can’t wait to get paid in 60 days through kindle self-publishing.

Plus, you don’t risk time going through publishing a book and waiting to find out if it’ll even sell. Again, we go straight to proven buyers online.

Also, the upfront costs are minimal–around $21.00 or even less.

Less Time Investment

Secondly, with¬†Digital Flipping, you don’t do the work.

You won’t be writing, editing, designing book covers, or building an audience.

You don’t need to invest any time or money into learning additional skills. Remember, you’d outsource the work.

Less Competition

With Digital Flipping, there’s far less competition.

For each deal, you can see how many other people are bidding to win the job. This is, usually, only in the 5-20 people range. At max, 50 people.

This is far less than the amount of authors on the Amazon platform. Plus, your competitors aren’t usually the best salesmen.

This gives you an advantage because in my free Digital Flipping course I share exactly what to type so you can dominate the competition.

In closing, Amazon self-publishing is a legitimate way to earn an income online.

However, if you’re an absolute beginner, I believe Digital Flipping can product faster results due to faster payouts, less competition, less time investment, and less moving parts.

That’s why I’d recommend getting some confidence and building up some funds with Digital Flipping first. Then you can use those funds to outsource writing books on Amazon or any other business if you choose to.

Now, I’ll be sharing more advanced and lucrative business courses. But these require bigger investments and experience. And you’ve got to start somewhere first.

In my opinion, Digital Flipping is one of the better options to start with.

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