Becoming A Financial Black Belt

I used to think it was bullshit.

When I took personal development courses, the instructors would say something along the lines of…

“90% of people who invest in this course won’t complete or worse–won’t even start it. And of the 10% that do complete it, only 1% will even take action on it. And even a smaller fraction of these people will repeatedly use this material.”

Now, that I’m a Udemy instructor and have nearly 10,000 students… I see the sad truth.

I can actually see in my Instructor Dashboard your progress as a student.

I can see the students that bought the course (months ago even), but haven’t even started. I can also see the students that stop halfway through.

Now, I can understand if my course is absolutely crap or whether you think I’m a crap instructor. But, if you check my instructor profile, you’ll notice I currently have 323 reviews and a 4.6 average rating.

Plus, my courses have been out long enough now that you may have seen the success stories in the Q&A section, Facebook group, or reviews.

So what gives?

Once again, I believe it comes down to the “behind the scenes” success traits I’ve been mentioning in this “How To Create Your Dream Life” guide.

It’s not just the “how to” technical information that you need. You must first develop the right mindset, character traits, beliefs, discipline, and other traits I’ve mentioned.

Again, I’ll put my money on the entrepreneur that has the right mental attitude versus one that only has “how to” knowledge. After all, this example with my courses and virtually every other course proves this to be true.

Remember, all these students get the same information, yet only a small percentage become successful. Why? Because only a few actually complete the course. Because only a few actually take action. And because only a few repeatedly take that action.

This damn few have a mindset of a person that will master entrepreneurship and life.

This is mastery. Understanding that fundamentals are everything. And they must be repeated. It never ends.

This is the real challenge. It’s not the “how to”. It’s this the realization that there’s no more than the fundamentals… AND the disciplined action to practice it over and over again.

This applies everywhere.

I’ve heard that martial arts is the second most practiced “sport” behind soccer. Let’s use that as an analogy.

So how do you become a black belt? Does it happen overnight? In jiu jitsu, some say expect 10 years of practice. The same applies to wealth… it doesn’t happen overnight… it takes years.

Do you become a black belt by giving up before you earn your first white belt stripe? No. And neither do you earn financial self reliance when you encounter your first challenge.

Do you become a black belt by hopping from one type of martial art to the next? No. And neither do you earn financial self reliance when you hop from one business to the next.

Do you become a black belt by not understanding the fundamentals? No. And neither do you earn financial self reliance when you only look for “sexy” tactics and short-term technicalities. It’s all about understanding the fundamentals and seeing how it applies to the current situation.

Anyway, that’s what I want to accomplish in this group. A solid group of students that have (or are developing) this mindset. Because that’s what’ll it take to reach your financial goals.

And, of course, if there’s anything you believe I can improve upon as an instructor–don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m here to learn and grow as much as you are.

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Paulo Perdu

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