Biggest Money Breakthrough


I’ve got a success tip​ ​that led to my single biggest breakthrough to earning online.

​​But first let me give you a backstory for context.

In 2012, I got accepted to be mentored by some of the biggest internet marketers online. These guys are 8 figure earners. Chances are, you know them.

Anyways, who they are isn’t important. What IS important is what I learned from this experience. So listen up.

Here’s what happened.

They sifted through thousands of video applications and only accepted 50 entrepreneurs.​ And they decided to mentor us for “free” due to our potential.

However, every other cost was on us. Plane tickets. Etc. At that time, I was broke and still living with my parents.

When the coordinator asked if I was coming, I said, “Yes”. But I didn’t even have enough money for the plane ticket. Talk about pressure.

So what did I do? Did I beg them to pay for my plane ticket? HELL NO. I wanted to prove I was worthy of being mentored by them.

So I wrote down some ideas and started implementing them all like a madman.

In 3 days, I made $500. During those days, that was like winning the lottery. And, in a week, I made enough for a plane ticket.

Moral of the story?

If you don’t have enough money GIVE SOMETHING OF VALUE. Use your brain to come up with ideas and start TAKING ACTION.

Do NOT beg for things to be easier. Instead, become better.

Successful people do not like being around people that are not growing. It’s a turn off to be around people that want things easy. Success demands greatness.

So with that in mind, people have got to stop asking me for a free coupon damnit!

Seriously, this freebie mindset is breaking the rules to wealth.

1) ​Freebie seekers are not giving, they’re looking to take;

​2) ​Freebie seekers are not growing into someone that deserves success ​

Think about it.

How is it fair to everyone else who paid to get into the course? Why would a freebie seeker deserve to get in for free? What value are they providing? And would I want to mentor someone that isn’t growing and not giving?

This freebie mindset is the poverty mindset. It’s the “pity me, please provide for me” ​child mentality. It’s the scarcity mindset. It’s thinking you have nothing to give. It’s thinking you are of zero value.

Look, successful entrepreneurs don’t have that mindset. Entrepreneurs have the “there’s no way I’m getting a handout… I will make my way” attitude!

I couldn’t ever be poor because it disgusted me to ask for a handout. It made me feel inferior. It made me feel as though I’m of zero value. Or that I have nothing to give. 

Now, I’m not talking down on anyone.

I just wish I could shake you and scream at you with some tough love. Why? Because it took me YEARS​ to learn this. And those two simple rules are what led to me making money online at will.

Seriously, ignoring this is like adding YEARS before reaching financial freedom.

Not even kidding. I remember ignoring advice from my 8 figure mentors that I thought was too simple or didn’t apply to me. LOL, that mistake added YEARS to my path to freedom. What a mistake.

Talk about ego, right?

Seriously, I was so stubborn and egotistical that I had to get broken down to nothing to finally learn these lessons and embrace them.

My wish for you is that you don’t have to get that low to learn this.

Anyway, this advice is probably one of the best presents I can give to you. Use it to make your 2018 great. Or not.

The choice is yours,

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Paulo Perdu

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