Blogging For Money: Good Business Idea Or Not?

Blogging for money has been an attractive business model for those that love to write. It has even been an attractive outlet for those that even hate writing (details later in article).

In this article, we’ll discuss how people get paid to blog, how to monetize a blog, and the pros and cons of blogging for money.

The Idea Behind Blogging For Money

The idea behind blogging for money is simple…

You write (or outsource) content about a topic that people are interested in.

Once you build an audience you can monetize your blog through sponsored ads, affiliate offers, your own products, or other means.

The Pros Of Blogging For Money

Setting Up A Blog Is Easy

Even if you’re not tech-savy, setting up a blog is extremely easy.

There are numerous free or affordable options to setup a blog. And there are tons of YouTube video showing how to actually setup a blog.

Flexible Schedule

Blogging attracts a lot of people due to the appeal that you could potentially write (and make money) on your own schedule.

Most people imagine writing about topics they love, in their pajamas, and making money.

The Cons Of Blogging For Money

A Lot Of Competition

Because setting up a blog is so easy… there are a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon.

Therefore, in order to actually stand out from competition (and make money) there are many more factors and skills to consider.

Things to consider: market and keyword research, SEO optimization, offer research and selection, direct response copywriting, traffic generation, social media marketing, blog design and optimization, and much more.

Requires Regular Updates

Most beginner entrepreneurs see blogging as a quick and easy way to make money. But that’s far from the truth.

Like any real business… you must put in the time and effort to succeed with blogging.

And to rank in the search engines and have your content seen… regular updates are a major factor. This means you must be in it for the long-term.

Consistently blogging about solutions that will solve problems that people are searching for will only help you in your journey to get paid to blog.

Slow Results

Blogging for money is a much slower way to earn an income than most online businesses.

Before you can monetize your blog, you’ll have to wait months before Google indexes and ranks your blog for certain keywords.

As mentioned before, this takes time and consistent updates. And it’ll take additional skills to generate traffic to your blog.

Is There A Faster Business Than Blogging For Money?

Some businesses, such as Digital Flipping, can help beginner entrepreneurs make their first dollar online much faster than blogging.

Instead of waiting for Google to rank your websites, Digital Flipping requires you to go straight to buyers that are ready to pay you.

How Does Digital Flipping Work?

The main idea behind Digital Flipping is to go proven buyers that need a service done (i.e. web design) and then outsource the work to an expert.

So if someone needs a new design for their website and they’re willing to pay $500… you’d outsource the work to someone else for, let’s say, $100… and then pocket the difference.

Faster Results Than Writing For Money

Digital Flipping is much faster than writing for money because you’d go straight to proven buyers instead of waiting to build an audience with your blog.

And once you close a deal you can get paid out within 5 days or even less, depending on your payout method.

Less Time Commitment Than Blogging

There’s also less of a time commitment with blogging.

After all, we’re outsourcing the work to someone else. So we’re not trading our time for money.

This makes it an ideal business for someone that doesn’t have much spare time to learn new skills or to invest into a business.

Less Competition

With Digital Flipping, you won’t be competing with the thousands of other websites and bloggers in your niche.

Instead, you’d only compete with around 5 – 20 people for each deal.

But, you can easily dominate the competition because most of the other people don’t really know how to sell their services or close deals.

And, in my free Digital Flipping course, I share exactly what to say so you stand out from the competition and can close deals easily.

In closing, I believe Digital Flipping may be a better business for beginners than blogging for money. After all, it requires less time and can achieve faster results.

This can help quickly build up confidence, momentum, and capital which can then invested into other more time-consuming or difficult online businesses.

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