Can You Realistically Make $5,000 Per Month With Digital Flipping

I actually receive these sort of questions more often than I’d like.

And I want to explain why these are the type of rookie questions you want to avoid, and what the questions veteran entrepreneurs ask instead.

Student Question

Realistically could i make $5,000 per month doing digital flipping? if so, how much investment in time in money will I need?

My Response

Some students do, some students don’t.

I’ve noticed a student’s success depends on how well they comprehend the course, and the effort they put in to achieve their desired goal. With that said, I don’t know you well enough to know your skill level, comprehension skills, or circumstances.

Why This Is The Wrong Question

I’ve noticed that only rookies tend to ask this type question.

Rookies are looking to put in the least amount of effort and time, while hoping to reap disproportionately larger results.

They’ve been brainwashed by biz opp scammers saying that this business is so easy it just takes one click of a button, etc…

But let me ask you, “What job would pay you $5,000 for putting in little effort or time?”

Probably none. If there was one, nearly everyone would line up for it. Yet, the masses still fall for the fantasies of easy riches: lotteries, business opportunities, lawsuits, etc.

Now, of course, it’s possible to make $5,000 per month with digital flipping. I’ve already showed my case study and other student’s case study. But results will vary depending on your comprehension skills, effort, and current circumstances.

Sure, there are times where I barely work and make good money. But was it easy? No.

Look, if you want to be a veteran entrepreneur and create the financial situation you dream of then you’ve got to realize that it isn’t easy.

The reality is it took me YEARS to reach that point.  It took YEARS of failures, losses, and tears.

It didn’t happen overnight. Why? Because there’s a lot to learn and unlearn.

For example, if you’ve seen my $19,000+ Facebook Ads case study then you’ll probably realize there’s a lot involved.

You have to learn how to do market research, how to create ads that influences hundreds of thousands (or even millions of people), how to write sales letters that convert, how to analyze data, how to manage cash flow, how to access or create offers, how to manage your emotional and mental state through tough times, etc.

Can that be learned overnight? Hell no.

If you want the riches, you have to be WORTH the riches. And that takes time, effort, pain, tears, and years.

The Right Questions To Ask

In order to be worth the riches you seek then you must start with asking better questions.

And some of those questions include:

  • What skills do I have (or am I learning) to be worth the riches I seek?
  • What measurable effort have I actually put in to be worth the riches I seek?
  • What have I learned from my failures? And what can I change for my next attempt in order to succeed?
  • What product or service am I creating or promoting that’s worth the riches I seek?

Notice how none of these questions involve things like can I make $X amount of dollars? Instead you should be focusing on creating something worth that amount. The rookie question involves doubt. The veteran question involves creation and value.

Also notice how none of these questions involve time? Sure, you want something that can scale. But a scalable business starts with something that’s WORTH scaling. If you start off with something no one values, then you can’t scale it.

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Hope that helps

P.S. If you want to learn the skills that are worth riches, I recommend you learn about paid advertising. Because you’ll learn how to reach potentially millions of people with a product or service that can help them. And of course, you’ll get paid for that at scale.

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Paulo Perdu

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