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How To Be Self Confident

When I first started out years ago… I’d heard the phrase “fake it until you make it.” When it comes to confidence, I believe this is terrible advice. I believe confidence develops from 3 factors: 1. What You Focus On 2. The Core Beliefs I Mentioned Regarding “Fear of Failure” (see previous post) 3. Competence […]

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Q&A: The Fear Of Failure

So a student posted this in the Facebook group… Fear of failure.. Hey guys, I am a software engineer by profession, working remotely to a software company in US(small team). Currently I am in Canada (originally from Nepal). From past 6 month i have been thinking of starting my own software development agency and I […]

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5 Reasons That Stop You From Financial Independence

Today, I want to share an insight on what separates successful students (and those that reach their financial goals) versus those that do not. I believe there are 5 major reasons that prevent most people from reaching financial independence. They are: Not Knowing How Money Moves Conflicting BELIEFS About Earning Money Conflicting VALUES About Earning […]

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How To Stay Positive

A student sent me a question about how to stay positive. Here’s a copy of his full question, along with my response. Maybe it can help you as well. Student’s Question I’ve a question regarding mindset.. How can we keep our mindset positive? Positive in the sense we feel happy and focus on work.. Since […]

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