My Daily Routine For Maximum Positivity, Productivity, and Accomplishment

Yesterday, I mentioned how your daily emotions can affect your productivity.

The reason why this is so important is because goals don’t mean anything if you don’t feel like following through on them.

Now, you can have goals and a strong reason why that may help you move forward… but it won’t mean anything… if you don’t DISCIPLINE yourself into HABITS that will eventually lead to those goals.

Think of it this way… what use is it to tell yourself: “I’m going to be a millionaire“… if you aren’t doing something everyday to add value, to sell, to reach more people? Again, the goal is worthless without the disciplined habits.

Now, it’s HARD to follow through on those disciplined habits IF you feel down or think negatively. This is why I wrote the previous post.

So how can you make sure you’re feeling great and thinking positively each day?

1. You need to identify what negative thoughts and emotions are affecting you each day (again, covered in the previous post).

2. You need to setup a daily routine that only produces positive thoughts and emotions.

Now, one of the best ways to figure out how to do something is to see who has accomplished your goals, test out what they do, and tweak it for yourself.

So let me share my routine with you… and you can tweak it from there:

– I wake up, without an alarm, between 7-8am. I tested out getting up at 5am for a year straight, but I found I’m more rested and productive when I wake naturally.

– I drink 1/2 – 1 gallon of water upon waking. Helps me rehydrate and defecate.

– I walk my dog. Helps me get outside, moving, and getting some oxygen.

– I do a warm-up (10 squats, 10 pushups, 30 sec plank, 50 knee jumps) followed with deep breathing. I breathe in for 7 seconds, hold it for 28 seconds, then breathe out for 14 seconds. Repeat 3 times. This clears my mind, and gets rid of any morning anxiety, stress, or rush.

– Next, I review my 5 empowering questions. These are questions I ask myself to keep myself in check and make sure I’m living up to my 5 values (I write about this in another post).

– Next, I review my 1 year goals. (I’ll write about how to set goals the RIGHT way in another post).

– Then I’ll review some fundamental material that relates to mindset, entrepreneurship, or marketing for approximately 45 minutes. This helps to inspire me, remind me, and grow.

– Then I’ll do either my bodyweight workout routine or Jiu Jitsu, depending on the day. Usually T,Th,Sat are workout days and Jiu Jitsu is M,W,F. Physical activity helps clear my mind, get rid of anxiety and stress, and really helps me focus for work.

– This is followed up with a Hot shower, finished with Cold water. This opens me up, cleans me out, and gets me clear and level-headed for work.

– Next, I work. Work for me is anything that involves observing what people buy, creating better offers, and reaching more people.

I do tougher tasks (based on mental focus needed) first. This would include: launching and scaling ad campaigns, creating products, or even digital flipping.

Only after tougher tasks are done, I’ll do lighter tasks. This would include: managing asset portfolio, reviewing campaign stats, managing open digital flipping contracts, managing q&a, messages, and reviews, and observing what’s selling and what competitor campaigns are running.

– Next, is cool down. It’s super important that I let me mind relax so I can sleep deep. After work, I’ll start with an eye workout to make sure my vision doesn’t degrade by staring at screens all day. I used to wear glasses/contacts from the 1st grade up til college. I ditched my glasses a couple years ago and my vision has been improving.

– I don’t eat while working. I do intermittent fasting. Usually I’ll fast 18-24 hours every day. For example, if I eat at 6pm I won’t eat until 6pm the next day. Or if I’m really hungry that day I’ll have a small “meal” like at 2pm, and then eat my main meal at 6pm. 5 days a week I eat the same vegetarian meal. The small meal is a smoothie. During this fasting period, I drink my own home brewed Kombucha. Sometimes I’ll order delivery.

– Next, I’ll pursue my hobbies during the cool down time. This would include language learning, music, watching The Office, nature documentaries, YouTube videos about my hobbies, etc.

The point is Mon-Fri I’m in “Mission Mode”. I’m efficient. I’m disciplined. I’m focused. I feel good. I get shit I want to done.

Saturday and Sunday, I’ll have more variety. I’ll eat out, go to the movies, and not think about work.

Now, also every 3 months I’ll take time off. This is pure, no work. This includes things like traveling or just indulging in hobbies.

**Again, this is just what I do. Obviously, the day you create will be customized for yourself. Test things out, see what works for you.**

Would love to know your daily routine or what new things you’re trying. Also, feel free to ask questions!

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