eBay As A Side Hustle?


Buy items at a discount from places like Craigslist or SlickDeals and sell them for higher on eBay.


  • This can be relatively quick money for a beginner
  • No past experience, education, certification, or additional skills needed.


  • Your income will be reliant on finding the best deals in order to flip deals at the highest margins. This could be mean relying on seasonal deals and lead to a very unpredictable side income.
  • You may need a sizable upfront investment in order to be able to purchase discounted deals in bulk. This also means you may require some additional funds for gas to drive out to the areas to buy the discounted deals.
  • Buying inventory upfront with no guarantee of buyers could make you vulnerable to a sizable loss.
  • You’ll also need some additional time to fulfill orders: pack items, label them, ship them.

VS Digital Flipping

  • Digital Flipping the next evolution of eBay Flipping. It’s similar because it can lead to relatively quick money for a beginner. Once you close and flip a deal, you can expect to receive your earnings within 5 days.
  • Also, Digital Flipping doesn’t require any past experience, education, certifications, or additional skills. We’re also flipping deals, but digitally.
  • Digital Flipping wins in terms of efficiency because everything is done online. You don’t need to drive out to buy deals; we’re flipping digital goods and services. And no need to pack, label, or ship items.
  • Also, with Digital Flipping, we’re not relying on finding the best discounts. We’re flipping digital products and services that are always in demand. Think of things like logos, graphic design, etc. Those are the types of digital goods and services we are flipping. Therefore, additional income is more predictable.
  • Another big advantage with Digital Flipping is that there’s practically no risk. You don’t need to buy anything upfront. Once you close a deal, the profits are secured and guaranteed through escrow, so you’re not going to get screwed over with scammers on eBay or buying a large inventory upfront. Once profits are in escrow, then and only then, would you buy and outsource the service you’d flip.
Paulo Perdu

Paulo Perdu made his first dollar online in 2010. His Udemy courses help over 18,000 students in 162 countries to make their first dollar online, or even replace their jobs. He has received over 930 reviews and an overall 4.5 instructor rating. He continually shares what's working today at LibertyBlueprint.com