Email Marketing: Good Business For Beginners Or Not?

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of running an email marketing business.

Plus, we’ll cover other ideas that may easier and cheaper for beginners to start.

How To Make Money With Email Marketing

The general idea behind email marketing is to build up your email list so you can then promote your own products or affiliate products.

Building an email list can be done through either free methods or paid methods.

Free methods to build your email list may include:

  • Blogging
  • Leveraging Social Media
  • List Swaps

Paid methods to build your email list may include:

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Display Ads
  • Solo Ads

Typically, it’s said that you should earn about $1 per email subscriber per month.

So if you have 1,000 email subscribers you should typically earn $1,000 per month when providing offers to this list.

Of course, that value will depend on the quality and value of what you promote, your relationship with your subscribers, and your ability to leverage other marketing skills.

The Benefit of Running An Email Marketing Business

Maximize Control

Having an email list gives you ultimate control of communication with your subscribers and customers.

Having a list of subscribers on places like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. does not even compare.

The reason why is because with email you retain maximum attention.

For example, if you post on Facebook not all of your subscribers will see it due to lack of organic reach. Secondly, your message is still competing with other people they’re subscribed to on their feed.

With email, your message will be sent to all of your subscribers. So you maximize the likelihood of your sales message being seen.

With email, you get more eyeballs and clicks to your offer; which, can help you make more money.

The Cons of Running An Email Marketing Business

High Learning Curve

Email may provide the best line of communication, but you still must build your list.

Deciding on free or paid list-building methods will depend on your budget, and what you’re willing to commit to learning.

Either way, you still have to learn additional skills.

This, of course, implies you must spend extra time and potentially money to learn how to build your list.

And, don’t forget, you’ll still have to learn how to actually use whichever email marketing service you choose… and how to actually write emails that generate sales.

This involves learning copywriting and direct response marketing.

Is There A Better Business For Beginners Than Email Marketing?

I love email marketing.

In fact, long ago I used to do email marketing for clients for a commission.

But, I don’t believe it’s the easiest thing for absolute beginners to learn and succeed with.

I’d suggest easier and simpler businesses that don’t require much of a time commitment or learning curve. Something like Digital Flipping may prove to be much easier.

What is Digital Flipping?

The way Digital Flipping works is simple.

You’d simply go straight to proven buyers online. They’ll probably be looking for a service done, like Web Design for $500.

Then you’d simply outsource that work for say $100, and then pocket the difference.

The Pros of Digital Flipping

Small Learning Curve

With Digital Flipping there’s far less of a learning curve.

After all, you’ll be outsourcing all the work.

This means you can penetrate virtually any niche without having to learn additional skills. And there’s much less of a time commitment.

Faster Results

With email marketing, it’ll take time to build your list.

It could take months to build your list to 1,000 subscribers and make $1,000.

But with Digital Flipping, you can get faster results because you’ll go straight to proven buyers.

They are not simply leads. They already have a proven spending history and share exactly what they want, and how much they’ll pay you for it.

This means you can close a deal for $500 or even $1,000 from just one client with Digital Flipping.

So Digital Flipping makes it potentially easier for beginners to make more in a shorter period of time.

In closing, email marketing is a great way to grow a solid business. But it does take time to learn and time to build your income to something substantial.

That’s why I recommend that beginning online entrepreneurs start off with something that requires less of a time commitment and learning curve.

You can watch the free Digital Flipping course here.

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