Facebook Marketing: Good Business For Beginners Or Not?

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of running a Facebook marketing business.

Plus, we’ll cover alternative business ideas that may actually be better for beginners.

The Idea Behind A Facebook Marketing Business

Facebook has over a billion users.

And by leveraging Facebook’s platform you could potentially tap into niche markets to sell your own products or affiliate products.

This can be done organically (freely) by scheduling posts from a page you own, posting in groups, posting in the Facebook Marketplace, or by paying for Facebook Ads.

Keep in mind, organic reach on Facebook is declining. This means it’s more difficult nowadays, to build up an audience and customer base through free methods.

For example, if you have a Facebook page, you may have noticed your posts are limited by Facebook’s algorithm to only reach a maximum of 8% of your audience (and maybe even lower than 2%).

So, to reach Facebook’s 1.2 billion users effectively, Facebook Ads may be the quickest and most efficient option.

The Pros of Running A Facebook Marketing Business

Tons of Traffic

Facebook has a ton of traffic.

Depending on the niches you’re targeting, you can literally have hundreds or thousands of visitors click to your sales page almost instantly.

This is assuming that you’re using paying for Facebook Ads.

If you plan on going the free route, there are still tons of groups in various niches that have thousands of members that you can potentially reach.

Granular Ad Targeting

Facebook Ads has one of the most granular targeting options among ad networks.

In other words, Facebook users readily give up their city, age, interests, spending habits, location habits, and even more information just from their daily online usage.

This makes it easier, as an advertiser, to target your ideal buyers online.

Plus, there are a variety of ad types (links, photos, videos, etc.) and ad goals (engagement, video views, website clicks, etc.) to match your conversion goals.

Campaign tracking is also very in-depth and you may not have to purchase a third party tracker when running Facebook Ads.

The Cons of Running A Facebook Marketing Business

Requires Capital & Learning Curve

Paying for ads obviously requires some capital.

If you’re on a budget you could potentially start with a campaign for $5 a day.

But the key to success with running paid ads, isn’t how much or how little you spend. The key is understanding the customer flow and conversion dynamics.

Therefore, you’ll have to consider learning how to setup customer funnels if you aren’t already skilled in that area.

Difficulty With Campaign Approval

Some offers are banned or extremely difficult to get approved on Facebook.

For example, if you have a legitimate health supplement you may still have face difficulty getting your ads approved.

If you have make money offers, then you’re probably not going to get ads approved at all.

If you’re planning on running traditional affiliate offers, you may have almost no chance.

Refer to their advertising policies to see any restrictions for your offer.

Even worse, offers that were approved beforehand may be banned at their discretion. For example, bitcoin offers used to be okay to run… until they weren’t.

Imagine, growing your business through Facebook Ads only to have it disappear overnight.

With the way Facebook is learning towards more and more censorship it gets more and more difficult to run a business the way you want.

Also, Facebook can be strict with how you advertise.

Your copy, your ad image (or video), and your landing page may have to go through several reiterations before it’s approved by Facebook’s ad approval team.

Is There A Better Business Than Facebook Marketing For Beginners?

I am a fan of Facebook marketing and advertising as a way to generate traffic.

But, I do not consider it to be beginner-friendly.

After all, the learning curve, costs, and headaches with campaign approval may prove discouraging to beginning online entrepreneurs.

Instead, I’d recommend easier and simpler businesses with less moving parts and less capital requirements–something like Digital Flipping.

What is Digital Flipping?

Digital Flipping does not have the scale of Facebook Ads, but it has less risk and capital requirements.

Plus, it can be easier to make money with it.

The way it works is simple…

Find proven buyers online that need something done (like Web Design for $500) and then outsource it cheaply to an expert for say $100… and then pocket the difference.

Because you’re outsourcing there’s practically no learning curve involved. So this can be more appealing to someone with less of a time commitment available.

Plus, you can start with as little as $21.00 which reduces the risk a lot for beginners.

In closing, I’d recommend Facebook Ads for intermediate entrepreneurs that have bigger pockets and more knowledge in setting up successful customer funnels.

But if you’re a complete beginner, I recommend watching this free Digital Flipping course so you can build up your bankroll and experience first… before moving onto more advanced businesses.

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