Google AdSense As A Side Hustle?


You can monetize traffic by placing Google AdSense banners on your website. These banner ads are from advertisers that are paying to run their ads on the Google Display Network. Think of it as selling ad space to other businesses.


  • Joining the Google AdSense program is completely free.
  • Setup is easy. You don’t need to design high-converting banner ads. Just copy the banner ad code and paste it onto your website. Also, many ad plugins are available on platforms, like WordPress, to make this easier.
  • Earn per banner click. It’s easier for a beginner because you earn money every time someone clicks on your ad. The visitor does not even need to buy.
  • Google tracks users everywhere. As an advertiser, this is good because Google knows the interests of the user. Advertisers can also retarget users across the web to complete purchases. This advanced targeting helps you earn more.
  • High-converting ads. Google Display Network advertisers are usually high volume advertisers. So they’re constantly testing and optimizing their display banners to convert. So it’s likely you’ll get more clicks and earn more.


  • Rules for joining. Google AdSense may be free, but there are quality controls before you can join. A big rule is that your website needs to contain unique content and be active for at least 6 months.
  • Low commissions. Because you earn per click (not per sale) your commissions are much lower. Usually, just pennies per click.
  • Unpredictable income. Your income is going to rely on your traffic, your ad placements, your click-thru rates (CTR), and Google’s pay per click rates.
  • Slower process. Most beginners don’t have an ad budget. So traffic will rely on the free, slow strategy of blogging and SEO.
  • Content creation skills needed. If you don’t consider yourself a content creator then this is not the ideal way for you to make money. Or you’ll have to pay to outsource this part of the business.
  • Less control. You’re not in 100% control of which ads appear on your site. Advertisers may choose to advertisers on your site or not. An ad that was earning you money could be gone tomorrow. And you cannot choose specific brands and offers you want to appear.
  • Ad blockers. Most online users find ad banners annoying. And it’s likely a decent percentage of your visitors are using some ad blocking software. So your banners are not likely to reach your entire audience base.
  • Google can ban or suspend your account if the content you post goes against their terms of service. And getting a hold of support can be a headache. To avoid this, be sure to read their Terms of Service and make sure you website follows the rules. NOTEDo not try to game the system by clicking your own ads or inviting your friends to click your ads. That’ll result in insta-ban.

VS Digital Flipping

  • Google AdSense is a solid way to monetize your traffic. But, the 6 month rule and the time needed to build an audience may not be ideal for beginners. This is where Digital Flipping has an advantage.
  • Much faster. With Digital Flipping, you don’t need to spend time to build an audience. You go straight to buyers that already have their money ready. So it’s possible to flip a deal and profit in your first week.
  • No account requirements. With Digital Flipping, you can create a new account and have it approved within 24 hours. I cover this (and how to get approved even if rejected) in detail in my Digital Flipping course.
  • Earnings are much higher. With Digital Flipping, I only flip deals that are worth at least $100 in profit. And this is just from one deal. With AdSense, you’ll have to get thousands of ad clicks to earn $100.
  • No content creation. With Digital Flipping, you’re flipping deals so you don’t actually do the work. If someone wants to pay $500 for web design, we’ll outsource that work to someone for less and profit the difference.
  • More predictable income. With Digital Flipping, there’s more transparency. You see all the buyer’s budgets upfront. And earnings are secured in escrow.
  • In closing, Digital Flipping is the more beginner-friendly way to start earning an income online. I could only recommend Google AdSense if you have the 6 months or more to build an audience.
Paulo Perdu

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