How To Be Happy Long-Term

I believe long-lasting happiness boils down to 4 things:

  1. Freedom
  2. Relationships
  3. Growth
  4. Contribution

Let’s dive in…


I believe how often you perceive yourself as free compared to perceiving yourself as not free… then the happier you will be.

For example, do you perceive you have unlimited potential on most days? Do you perceive yourself as more often choosing to do things you initiate than not?

I believe freedom extends far further than just having the money to do things.

For example, I see some newcomers make a load of money… then they talk about the things they buy and their unhappiness.

Well, I think one reason this is, is because they aren’t free at all… they are imprisoned to someone else’s idea that happiness is connected to image or material things.

In short, they are not free to express their own version of success, or wealth.

Remember, the other posts I share with you also free your MIND. Once your mind is free then you can take action to move forwards freedom in the material plane as well.


Another thing is I don’t think you can be truly happy if you have poor relationships.

The number one relationship being with yourself. Are you happy with yourself?

Now, for other relationships: Business to Consumer, Mentor to Mentee, Romantic, and so on… I believe it all boils down to 3 things:

  1. Value Exchange
  2. Communication
  3. Follow Thru

For example, in my Digital Flipping course… I show you how to sell and close deals. In really comes down to UNDERSTANDING what people want (i.e. communication), and GIVING it to them (i.e. follow thru).

And I believe every single relationship comes down to that. Both parties see a value exchange, it’s communicated clearly, and it’s constantly followed thru upon.


The people I see that complain about boredom are usually people that don’t have a growth mindset.

Instead, they’re looking to be entertained or distracted.

However, with a growth mindset you may realize that there is an infinite amount of things to learn about. And I believe that constantly learning helps to challenge the mind, help you grow as a person, and results in you being happy with who you are turning out to be.


Lastly, I believe that every single person has some unique combination of strengths and gifts.

And I believe that using those gifts to help enhance the lives of others greatly influences your happiness.

I believe that knowing that your life meant something and wasn’t completely worthless is perhaps one of the biggest things that will add to your happiness.

Find out what your strengths are… contribute them to the world at the largest scale you can.

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