How To Get Started And Keep Going In Entrepreneurship

I ask every member this before joining the Facebook Group: “What’s your biggest challenge currently?”

By far, one of the most common response I get is: “How to get started” and “How to keep going?”.

This is such a broad response, but I’m going to do my best to give a general, foundational approach that might be all you need.

Know Your Outcome

To get started you must first know what you want.

As sensible as that may seem, I can guarantee you that a majority of people in general have no specific outcome that they’re working towards.

Often times, most people are complacent where they’re at or lost because they don’t seem to realize the power of choice that they actually have.

So, for the most part, they’ve given up.

That’s why, in my opinion, you must know specifically what you want.

You must know exactly what your desired outcome will look like. That way you know you’ve achieved it once you’ve hit that goal.

In general, goals should be specific and measurable. That way you’ll be able to break down the process into the tiniest steps that’ll allow you to move forward CONSISTENTLY without overwhelm or anxiety.

Know Why You Want It

I hear rookie entrepreneurs say: “I want to become a millionaire

That’s totally fine. I’m not here to judge your goals. However, I think it’s very important you KNOW WHY you want that goal.

I’ve heard it said that goals are useless unless they’re backed with a strong emotional reason why.

I’ve found this to be the case in my experience.

If you don’t have a strong emotional reason why you want something, then chances are you will not have the motivation to go after it and succeed until completion.

This is why I think it’s important to understand the emotional feelings you respond to when deciding upon your goals.

Don’t fall into the trap of what others believe you should strive for, listen to your own heart. After all, it’s telling you what you really want and what you’ll be excited to accomplish.

Sharing Your Talents

I believe that we all have some sort of unique talents that we’ve been given.

Chances are, you’ve found yourself drawn to certain activities, business ideas, and other ventures.

With that said, I believe that it’s much easier for you to get excited and keep going when you tap into your talents.

In my experience, for example, I’ve taken a strengths finder test and I’ve found to have talents that allow me to do relatively independent work involving analytics (i.e. paid advertising).

Because I’m naturally drawn to it and have some innate talents for it, I’m able to get more excited about it and continue doing through the years. This also ties into mastery.

Therefore, mastery of talents and sharing of talents allows you to experience the rewards.

On the other hand, someone not pursuing their talents or mastering them will have a much harder time sharing them and experiencing the rewards.

I think this is evident through the educational system. Where the same “education” is given to everyone, and doesn’t seem to encourage individual talents where students may be more successful.

Another avenue where I see this evident is where we have people chasing careers or business opportunities where they believe they’ll earn more money… yet they end up not enjoying it or failing because they don’t have the talents for it.

All You Need

I believe these three foundational principles might be all you need.

If you have absolute clarity and a strong reason why you want to achieve something then chances are it’ll be much easier for you to begin and keep going.

And if you tap into your talents then the journey will likely be more enjoyable, and much more rewarding (and lucrative).


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