How To Know If You’ll Succeed

I have thousands of students.

And I can tell, with shocking accuracy, who is going to succeed and who isn’t.

Can you guess how?

It’s very simple.

The successful students identify themselves as victors and warriors. While, the unsuccessful students identify themselves as victims and whiners.

Let me explain.

Unsuccessful people think of themselves as victims. Situations (bad ones) always seem to be happening to them.

In fact, I had a student recently ask for a refund. He said my Digital Flipping course doesn’t work. Yet, I make money doing it and so do other students. (By the way, Sam closed a £5k project using the script in the course.)

So I asked him a few questions. How many proposals did you send? Can you share those proposals? Can you show me the job postings you proposed to flip? No response.

The point is: Victims always have an excuse about why they can’t make money.

Can you see how dangerous this is? Can you see how this sabotages yourself from making money? If you have a list of reasons why you can’t succeed do you think that helps you become wealthy or leads to more poverty?

Look, whenever you blame someone else, complain, or make excuses… then you’re training your brain to think you can never succeed. Because your brain will always find some outside circumstance to put you down.

As a result, you’re powerless. You’re a victim. So why even put in the effort, right?

Now, if you want to train your brain to be a victorious warrior here’s what you do.

You must choose to accept 100% responsibility for your current circumstances. If you do, something magical happens. You now become a victor. You will now always succeed.

How? If you realize YOU are responsible for your poverty, then logically, YOU must then also be responsible for your success!

Developing this mindset shift will always result in victory. Because, in any situation, you’ll see it as a learning experience.

You’ll ask better questions. You’ll ask yourself questions like, “What choices did I make (or didn’t make) that led to this point?“. And, “How can I make this work?”

And by learning from the experience you’re likely to make better choices. And better choices equals better results. And better results lead to success.

Now, you’ve taken back your power. YOU now control your life. YOU are now the creator of your life.

Remember, success is a process not an event. Victims wish for unlikely events because they have no power. Victors have the power to go through a process to succeed. 

Look, choice is the most powerful tool you have. And those choices first stem from your mind.

If you want to change your life, then you must first change your choices. And because choices come from thoughts, you must first learn to master your thoughts.

Now, will you think you’re a warrior or a whiner? Will you choose to be a victim or a victor? Will you to hope for an event or go through the process to succeed?

The choice is always yours.

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Paulo Perdu

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