How To Overcome Procrastination, Laziness, Excuses, Lack of Motivation, and Lack of Time

So I mentioned a lot of things in the headline.

Procrastination, laziness, excuses, lack of motivation, and lack of time.

They might all seem like different things but I believe they are all just different terms to define the same problem.

In other words, all these things are the same.

They all are ways that stop you from doing something right away.

So I believe the real question to ask is, “How do I develop the ability to start doing things right away?”

I think the answer is very simple.

I believe the only reason we put things off, make excuses, or don’t make the time for something is simply because… WHATEVER WE DELAY DOES NOT INSPIRE US.

In fact, the very meaning and origin of inspire is “to prompt or induce (someone to do something)”.

Therefore, if we aren’t doing something it’s because we are not inspired.

So then this leads to the question, “Where do we get inspiration?

The origin and meaning of inspiration is “immediate influence of God or a god”. Now, if you look up god it doesn’t seem to give us a definite answer. But, I don’t think that leaves us empty handed.

The definition of god that I use is simply: “someone that can influence and inspire us to action“.

Therefore, to be inspired (and stop delay) we need to find someone that inspires us to action.

In other words, if you want goals that you actually follow through on… I believe you need someone that you can see yourself becoming.

Maybe this is why role models can be very effective?

We see ourselves BECOMING and CHANGING into the person we need to be that will end up being WORTHY of our goals.

In short, if you’re not pursuing your goals it’s probably because you’re not inspired. And you’re probably not inspired because you don’t see yourself becoming who you need to be in order to reach those goals. So you need to find someone that you want to become in order to inspire you to take action.

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