How To Speed Up Your Results

Have you ever wanted to speed up your results?

If so, I believe you can, but the answer is something that most rookies don’t want to hear.

First, let me tell you what the answer isn’t.

The big mistake that I see rookies make is that they’re looking to speed up or shortcut their way to results… is by hopping from one idea or business to another.

The problem is that knowing about a business is only ONE part of the equation.

In fact, the first element of the word knowledge comes from 12th century word “cnawlence” which means “acknowledgment of a superior, honor, worship.”

The SECOND element of the word knowledge is said to have Scandinavian roots meaning “action, process“.

And that’s the MISSING part of the equation most rookie entrepreneurs don’t want to hear. Knowing WITHOUT ACTION (and a process) will produce ZERO RESULTS.

So if you want to speed up your results I believe you must overcome 2 things:

  1. No Action or Process
  2. No Inspiration


Imagine reading magazine after magazine of workout routines. Sure, you may know a lot about what to do or what works… but what if you didn’t actually go to the gym to do it?

Would this result in six pack abs and big biceps? Hell no.

So why would a similar approach from buying course after course work when it comes to business success? It wouldn’t.

I believe most rookies just hop from idea to idea because deep down inside they don’t really want to change. They’re actually comfortable just where they are. They don’t want to put in the effort, and experience the pain of change. Instead, they prefer temporary escapes… not permanent lifestyle changes. They don’t want to develop the strength it takes to continually grow.

If you really want to experience results well then you’re actually going to have to take action. It’s not a ground-breaking idea, yet so few do so.

In fact, when it comes to my courses, polls, etc. I can see who actually applies what I teach. I even blatantly ask you guys what have you applied. The sad truth is so few of you actually put in the effort… so few of you actually analyze and measure your efforts. Will you be a part of the majority that don’t do anything or will you part of the minority that makes real change?

This leads to my next point.


I believe a large reason why most rookies don’t experience results is because they’re not inspired to be someone else.

In other words, they don’t want to change their identities.

They want stay fat… they want to stay poor… more than¬†(even slightly) actually changing. They have no VISION or HOPE of a DIFFERENT FUTURE in which THEY ARE DIFFERENT.

I think the problem with most goal-setting strategies is they don’t focus heavily on inspiration. In other words, I believe if you tie an identity, person, or role-model with a certain goal you will more likely achieve that goal because you’ll incorporate traits you can see yourself developing.

For example… compare these two goals…

Goal 1: I want six pack abs
Goal 2: I want to be like Mat Fraser, Crossfit Games champion.

The difference is the first goal has no inspiration, has no identity shift. The second goal is inspiring, it’s focused on WHO you want to BECOME. And it gives you HOPE that you CAN change. Plus, being inspired by someone will also lead to you embracing more of their PROCESS which is what’s needed to achieve the goal.

If you don’t know who Mat Fraser is I highly recommend you watch the documentary about him on YouTube. I don’t even do Crossfit, but his MINDSET and PROCESS applies to entrepreneurial success as well. Again, focusing on WHO you want to be is more powerful than
statement-type goals in my opinion.

Speeding Up Results

Now, once you have inspiration and some sort of process I believe speeding up results comes down to 3 things:

  1. How well you understand the material
  2. How fast you apply it
  3. How CONSISTENT you apply it

For example, if you don’t understand the material… when then you can’t apply it correctly and achieve the results you want. You can have all the workout routines in the world, but if you don’t know understand why you’re doing compound movements or what a squat is… then you’ll likely experience zero results.

Secondly, I think SPEED of implementation is important. The reason I can now achieve results faster is because I shorten the time it takes for me to take ACTION once I learn something. It’s NOT that I have some amazing business idea… it’s because I DO NOT SIT AROUND TO TAKE ACTION ON THE PROCESS TO MAKE THE BUSINESS WORK.

Third, how well do you stay consistent? In other words, if you say you’re going to be vegetarian… do you stay firm and refuse to eat animal flesh? How OFTEN do you say “NO”? How often are you eating vegetarian meals?

You can’t achieve any desired end result if you keep doing the same old choices that didn’t lead to your result. You can’t get a six pack if you eat ice cream more often than saying “no”. You can’t get a six pack if you go to the gym once a month. How consistent are you in saying “no” to bad choices? How consistent are you doing the things you know you must do?

For the rookies, this is a tough pill to swallow. Hell, it was a tough pill for ME to swallow. But when I finally did, it’s when I started experiencing my biggest entrepreneurial breakthroughs. So are you going to swallow this pill or not?

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