How To Stay Positive

A student sent me a question about how to stay positive.

Here’s a copy of his full question, along with my response. Maybe it can help you as well.

Student’s Question

I’ve a question regarding mindset.. How can we keep our mindset positive? Positive in the sense we feel happy and focus on work.. Since I am struggling financially It is hard to keep my mind focused at work. My mind thinks only about the lack of money and this thought process further leads to more negativity. It makes me feel very bad that I haven’t started earning and because of this I am not able to work on my skills. How can I get rid of this situation?

My Response

One way is to realize you’re already rich.

For example, you’re so focused on what you don’t have that you forget to realize the abundance around you.

Think about it… you have access to Internet, electricity, etc.

You have access to make money online.

There are literally BILLIONS of people that don’t easily have this access. Your worst nightmare is someone else’s dream goal.

Also, things changed for me when I started to focus on the abundance around me. AND how I was taking progress, no matter how small, towards a goal that leveraged my skills and fulfilled me.

Focus on the change that you’re actually creating to change your life.

Focus on how you’re actually already living the life you’re aiming to create.

Focus on asking questions that put you in positive state of mind.

The daily habit of controlling your mental and emotional state is the skill all the rookies overlook.

This is the edge.

It’s not about the know-how.

It’s about knowing how to keep yourself in peak state each day so you can actually take action on the know-how and stay in the game when things don’t seemingly go your way.

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