How To Stop Worrying

If you are like me then chances are you’ve had the feeling of worry stress you out during your entrepreneurial career.

I’ve had it so bad that there would be times where I would let worry consume me to the point where I would just get nothing done.

Over the years, I’ve found some ways that have helped me stop worrying. Primarily:

  1. Stop focusing on what MIGHT happen in the future
  2. Start focusing on what you can control right now

Let me explain both principles in detail…

Stop Focusing On What Might Happen

Imagine your sales dropped this month… or whatever “bad” thing has happened.

Whatever the case is… I’ve found that I would tend to project whatever “bad” thing is happening now to then automatically happen in the future.

In other words: bad things are happening to me right now and they’ll continue to happen to me in the future.

Now, I’ve found that one of the main reasons I would worry is because I would keep replaying the bad event over and over in my head… so much to the point that it eventually became the past, my present, and the foreseeable future.

So one quick way to stop worrying is to stop thinking about how some bad event will potentially affect you negatively in the future.

Think about it this way: Chances are, you’ve experienced some event that seemed catastrophic to you at the time. But some time later, you’re back to living worry-free. In fact, you’ve had even greater times since then.

The point is: You’ll eventually get over it.

So start thinking how in the future you’ll eventually be over this feeling of worry.

Start Focusing On What You Can Control

Another reason I’ve let worry bring me down is because I would feel helpless.

I would feel as though I couldn’t do anything about it.

But in reality, we are far more powerful than that.

We have the ability to control our interpretations and how we define things.

We can see things as “bad” or as an opportunity to learn, grow, and overcome.

And one way I like to harness this powerful ability is to simply stop letting my emotions take over… and start thinking about what I can do to change a seemingly bad situation.

Because I primarily talk about entrepreneurship… entrepreneurs may experience money challenges.

So I’ve found it helps me reduce worry by making a list of all potential ways to turn a seemingly bad situation around.

This is one way to turn a bad month into a far more profitable one.

The point is: Making a list of choices gives your mind back the control to take action and make change.

Hope both these tips help!

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