How To Succeed If All Past Attempts Failed

I ask one question for new members joining the free Facebook Group:

“What’s your biggest challenge currently?”

One response I received was: “All my past attempts to make money online have failed”

If that’s the case for you as well, I’d like to share some insights that may help change that.

The Past Doesn’t Equal The Future

The first thing to remember is that the past doesn’t equal the future… IF, and only if, you LEARNED something from those failures!

Remember, you can’t think and act the same way expecting different results.

Now, I’ve had A LOT of failures in my rookie years as an entrepreneur.

But if I carefully look back at them now I realize they weren’t really failures. Why? Because I learned something from each failure that helped me a little bit more on my next attempt.

And with the combined knowledge from numerous failures it’s easier for me to succeed.

Now, don’t confuse that with everything I touch becoming successful right away. No, that’s not the case.

To clarify: It’s much easier (and faster) for me to ANALYZE WHAT WENT WRONG AND ADJUST MY MOVES TO SUCCEED.

Rarely, if at all, does a new business succeed massively right away. There’s always a process. It’s just now I’m more efficient at fine-tuning my process to succeed.

Why You Need Failure

Failure is not the goal. But it’s necessary to build up understanding, experience, and wisdom.

Without failure I wouldn’t understand the first-hand lessons I needed to grow and become better.

No matter what wisdom I’ve read in books, I ended needing to learn the lesson first-hand. Like the saying goes: “Sometimes you can’t tell people how hot the fire is. Sometimes they just need to get burned.”


Live is all about paradox and relativity.

Without the existence of failure, you wouldn’t be able to experience the existence of success.

So one thing to keep in mind to make the journey more enjoyable is this… All the struggles you experience are there to teach you a lesson to become greater. And all the blood, pain, and tears you experience is just going to make victory so much sweeter.

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