SEO As A Side Hustle?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) revolves around the idea that you can provide valuable content, leverage the billions of searches made on Google each day, and monetize offers–without an ad budget.


  • It’s possible to receive a continuous flow of targeted visitors without an ad budget.
  • It does not require an ad budget if you are performing content creation and link building yourself.
  • SEO can help position you as an authority figure in your niche.
  • If you do happen to get on the first page of Google for specific keywords then this can be very lucrative.


  • Seeing your traffic grow from SEO will be a much slower process compared to other strategies. It takes time for your content to be indexed by search engines. Expect months of content creation and link building before seeing steady results.
  • For the top SEO guys, this is not a free strategy. Instead, they are paying writers for content and they are paying for link building services. This usually ranges in the hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.
  • Google Algorithms are always changing and only Google knows how it’ll change. In fact, Google rolled out 10 major updates in 2016 alone. This means the SEO efforts you invest in today are likely to be ineffective next month!
  • It’s possible that Google will also penalize your site and search rankings. Each algorithm update can literally devalue all your previous efforts and drop your traffic back to zero. Having an unpredictable income and playing a game where you don’t know the rules can be stressful.
  • My suggestion: If you have the time and purpose to create a bigger business then SEO does have value. However, I’d focus on providing valuable content and forget about SEO altogether for long-term search rankings. It seems as though Google is not favoring unnatural link building.

VS Digital Flipping

  • With SEO, you have the potential to become an authority figure in your niche. With Digital Flipping, you do not. I consider Digital Flipping more of a starting point for beginners which can then lead to funding other business ideas you have.
  • Now, with Digital Flipping the time investment is much, much less. You can do Digital Flipping whenever you have spare time. Ideally, you have a scheduled process to dedicate to it. But it definitely doesn’t require the time commitment that writing and link building does.
  • Digital Flipping also doesn’t require an upfront investment. For example, if you find someone that’s willing to pay $100 for an article. That money would first go into escrow. This means that money has already been funded and you’re practically guaranteed payment. Then and only then will you pay to outsource the work to someone else. This makes it low risk because the escrow system protects you from buyers that leave before paying you. And less time because you’re not relying on your own efforts.
  • Also, you can see an ROI on your Digital Flipping efforts usually in the first month. Personally, I earned an extra $500 in my first month; and I can usually earn an extra $1,000. Of course, your earnings depend on how well you target great clients and lucrative deals.
  • Now, of course, you can’t predict your future income with 100% accuracy. But, with Digital Flipping it’s definitely not as unpredictable as SEO algorithms. After all, you see what’s in demand and each client states how much they’ll pay. This makes it less stressful for a beginner because you won’t be in the dark and you know your potential outcome. There won’t be days (or months) where you’re questioning your efforts or existence.
Paulo Perdu

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