Social Media Marketing: Good Business To Start Or Not?

In this article, we’ll discuss whether social media marketing is a good business for beginners or not.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of doing social media marketing or being a social media marketing manager. And we’ll discuss other business alternatives that may even be better.

The Social Media Marketing Business Idea

There are a couple popular ways to make money with social media marketing.

The first way could be to manage the social media accounts of one or multiple businesses.

For example, some businesses (especially olders ones) aren’t fully embracing online platforms to get more customers.

This is where you can come in and get paid by managing their social media accounts to attract more clientele.

The other popular option is to create your own social media accounts in specific niches. And then as you build your following you can promote your own products, sell affiliate products, do paid endorsements, or more.

The Pros of Social Media Marketing

Relatively Easy & Familiar

For most people, social media usage comes as second nature.

Knowing how to setup accounts and schedule posts are relatively easy things to do or learn.

Therefore, the learning curve is much lower when compared to other online business ideas. So speed of implementation is also quicker.

Potentially Decent Pay

If you go the employee or freelancer route there is relatively good pay.

For example, if you do a job search for a social media manager you would probably see some decent wages.

And if you go the freelancer route… I’ve seen clients willing to pay $500 – $3,000 per month to have their social media accounts managed.

Obviously, what you’ll get paid will depend on the responsibilities involved and your value proposition.

The Cons Of Being A Social Media Marketing Manager

Being The Voice Of A Company

If you would not enjoy being a customer service rep than you may not like being a social media manager.

After all, if you end up as an employee or freelancer in this industry, you’d have to represent the companies you work for and deal with customers.

They’ll be counting on you to put their best image forward.

Acting in a way that doesn’t align with their brand, could result in negative outcomes and your termination.

It’s also possible you’ll be micro-managed.

The company may heavily review and critique your work to ensure it’s all 100% aligned with their brand. You may be asked for much more than you anticipated.

Or your work may be disregarded as less important by those businesses that still can’t wrap their head around the value of social media.

You Must Stand Out

If you’re looking to stand out in this field, then you must be great.

After all, it’s easy for anyone to setup accounts and posts.

You may consider certificates and other ways to actual report the value you’re bringing to the table.

So you’ll need a way to be able to measure your performance through KPI (key performance indicators) reports and demonstrate the value you’re providing to the company.

Going The Solo Route May Be Tough

If you’re planning on doing things yourself then you must be in it for the long haul.

Building your own following and business takes time.

It won’t happen overnight.

After all, any real business does take some time and effort to build.

Are There Better Businesses For Beginners Than Social Media Marketing?

I believe social media marketing can be a good start for beginners.

Especially, if you’re considering going the employee or freelancer route.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the time involvement of managing multiple accounts across potentially multiple clients.

But, I’d recommend to take things a step further with something I call Digital Flipping.

What is Digital Flipping?

Imagine someone wants social media marketing done for $1,000 per month.

With Digital Flipping, you’d then outsource that work for say $500 per month. And then you’d pocket the difference.

Digital Flipping can work in virtually any niche. But, in this case, you can use it to build your own social media marketing company without having to do the work.

Less Time Commitment

So instead of having to get social media marketing certificates and actually learn multiple online strategies… you can instead just hire someone else to do it.

With Digital Flipping, you’d be more of like the project manager. And you’d pocket the difference.

This requires so much less time.

So if you’re busy trying to get something on the side working… Digital Flipping may be a better alternative than actually learning and doing everything yourself.

If you want to see exactly where to find these sorts of buyers and people to outsource to… then check out my free Digital Flipping course.

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