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I’ve been told that change comes either inspiration or desperation.
I’ve found that to be partly true in my journey. I definitely started out from desperation. I think for most people this is likely the case.
The problem, I believe, is that by the time you reach the desperation stage you’re probably not going to do anything.
In fact, the origin and meaning of desperation is to “lose hope or hopelessness”. Meaning, you don’t see any chance of changing your current circumstances.
And I think this is where most people get stuck. They fail to even start because there is no more hope.
Therefore, the better alternative is to create change from the realm of inspiration.
In fact, the word hope comes from the Old English word “hopa”, meaning “confidence in the future,” especially “God or Christ as a basis for hope.”
Now, the origin and meaning of the word inspiration in the 13th century was “immediate influence of God or a god”. And currently defined as “the act of influencing or suggesting opinions”.
Now, I don’t belong to any religion.
But here’s how I interpret this: To avoid hopelessness, you must get inspiration from God, or a god. This gives you hope, or confidence, that your current circumstances are changeable.
Therefore, this belief that you can even get any message from God, or a god, is necessary BEFORE you can even make change.
The problem is I believe that we are largely conditioned to believe we don’t have this power.
I believe that we are purposely conditioned into believing we don’t have the power to connect to a source, and to change, and create the world around us.
And I think it’s this conditioning is largely responsible as to why we see most people give up on their dreams.
They’re hopeless because they no longer believe they’re connected to source of God.
Now, I believe we are all born with this power to connect to a God, source, universe… or whatever you want to call it.
I think this is evident in children; they don’t even understand the word impossible… they don’t see limits… they don’t see hopelessness. They see change.
I also think you may have experienced this power, maybe without truly realizing, especially if you’ve made some major changes in your life.
For example, if you were overweight and thought you couldn’t change… yet suddenly had inspiration that you could, and then did… then I believe that this shows this process of inspiration from God.
The same could be said about wealth… starting from nothing, desperate… then having the inspiration to change, and then do… shows the process also of being inspired.
Now, when these words say “immediate influence from God or a god”… I believe this may also mean from other people.
If we were supposedly made in the image of God, then I believe we can get inspiration from others and their own godliness.
So, you may have gotten inspiration from someone’s fat loss or rags to riches story. And this, in my opinion, is immediate influence from God. This is because I now believe that we are all God or connected to God that allows us to change and inspire others.
I believe some religions talk about the goal of life is to “enlightenment”. So I discovered that enlighten, in the 14th century, meant “to remove the dimness or blindness”. I interpret this as the goal of life being to remove your blindness to the lies that you are not God, or connected to one, and therefore you cannot create changes in your life.
To summarize: the goal of life is to stop being blinded by the lies that you are not connected to a God, or have the power of God… to realize that you can be inspired by other people (Gods)… that you can change… and that you can inspire others from showing your God like ability to change.
So in order to do this… I think this brings up the question: “How do you remove the conditioning that strips you of this power?”
I think this comes down to seeing who or what is trying to put limits or boundaries into your mind. Is it your parents? Current social circle? Media? Schooling?
And the other question: “How can you fill your life with things or people that enhance your limitless potential?”
So… how are you doing this?
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