Success Irony

I’ve noticed a general problem with rookie entrepreneurs.

I call it: “Success Irony”.

And I believe that if you’re able to overcome this problem then you’ll be able to speed your way up to success.

Let me explain…

I’m seeing the “Success Irony” problem usually manifests in rookie questions that lead to being spoonfed answers.

For example, a Digital Flipping 2.0 student may ask something like: “What’s the most profitable niches to target?”

Can you spot the problem with this? Can you see why it’s ironic?

If not, let me spotlight it this way…

I used to believe that success was a specific number.

Nowadays, I believe success is really self-reliance.

Being successful, to me, is all about understanding my limitless capabilities, my talents, and having the competence and confidence that I can use my talents to create the financial vision I have for myself.

Now, wanting to be spoonfed answers is ironic because that makes you DEPENDENT.

Think of it this way: Can you really be successful if you have to rely on someone else for the answers?

Probably not.

Now, to be clear: I do give straight answers discussing profitable niches in the Digital Flipping 2.0 course. And, MORE IMPORTANTLY, I also share the principles of how to find profitable niches, and analyze where you went wrong if you can’t close deals.

Fully understanding these principles allow you to become independent and successful.

Why? Because you’ll develop the internal analysis and the skills you need to be competent and confident in your ability to make financial changes yourself.

After all, the market demands are always changing. So you’ll want to truly understand the principles, rather than being spoonfed answers, to be comfortable with change.

Now another clarification: If you’re a rookie in the entrepreneurial realm then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a student. There’s nothing wrong with asking specific, thought-out questions based on actions you’ve taken.

But, asking to be spoonfed answers will lead you to developing a habit of DEPENDENCY. This will result in you not being able to lead yourself nor be successful. This is a disservice to your full potential.

To break this habit simply:

  1. Review the material and comprehension of the principles
  2. Apply the principles, multiple times, for first hand experience
  3. If you experience a problem, review the material again
  4. If you still don’t understand what went wrong, ask specific questions regarding the action you’ve taken

I believe anyone can be successful financially, whatever that means to you. But, you must break habits of dependency first.

It may be difficult at first, but over time it gets easier. And it’ll be worth it in order to be confident in your capabilities.

Remember, I discuss more habits you must break and develop in the Create Your Dream Life guides. So be sure to review and comprehend that material.

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