The 1 Success Mantra You’d Only Need?

I have one success mantra that I follow.

In fact, I believe if you only followed this one mantra then it’ll probably be all you ever need. Tell me if you agree at the end of this post.

Here’s my mantra:

You Get What You Give

Now, let me explain it…

First let me state that I’ve heard that if you want money, then you give money. First, I haven’t found this to be true in my case.

But I do believe that if you want money you must GIVE something WORTH what you seek.

For example, you cannot claim you want to be a millionaire and just expect to be rewarded for the thought of it. No, there is a price for everything. And that price is you must GIVE something worth that amount.

Imagine… if you gave value to the lives of a million people then, chances are, you will be rewarded by one million people. And if you give nothing, you get nothing.

Likewise, if you see a rich person and give out thoughts of resentment towards them… then you’ve GIVEN the resentment of financial abundance. Therefore, you will GET no money. After all, you just expressed to the world that you have negative associations with money.

So you must carefully monitor the thoughts, emotions, and efforts you GIVE (in any form) and analyze whether they align with your goals.

I believe this applies to any level of financial, health, or relationship goals you seek. 

Another example: Let’s say you want to lose fat and gain muscle.

What if you GIVE zero effort into going into the gym? Will you reach your goal? Hell no.

What if you see a celebrity’s fitness transformation and say, “LOL, anyone could get those results with a personal trainer, a personal chef, and STEROIDS!”

What thought did you GIVE to yourself? That there’s zero chance for you to achieve your goals? Why even try right?

I think one of the most important acts of “giving” you must monitor is the thoughts you give out to the world (or just to yourself). Because your thoughts will determine your actions. And because of this most people give up, within their thoughts, before taking any noticeable action.

It all starts in the mind. People are trying to change their results WITHOUT changing their minds first.

Can you see why this won’t work?

The wrong mindset with the right actions will STILL result in failure because your mind will ultimately sabotage you.

Think about it. Celebrity fitness diets and workout routines are available for free for anyone to access online. Yet why is obesity still a huge epidemic in the United States? It’s not the lack of information. It’s the lack of MIND CONTROL.

The lack of understanding of how to control one’s own mind to serve themselves is the problem.

How Do You Control Your Mind To Serve You?

  1. Know, in detail, what you want to achieve and experience. Remind yourself of this every day, morning and night.
  2. GIVE the effort and mindset you need to be the person WORTH that experience. If you don’t know what to do, seek help from someone that has the experience you want.
  3. Become that person every single day no matter what obstacles you face
  4. Surround yourself with other people that have the same goals
  5. Eventually, you’ll be so different from your old self and you will become the person you need to be to achieve your ultimate desire.

Is it magic? Hell no.

But it’s tried and true. It works.

The hard work is the short cut. The shortcut everyone else sells doesn’t exist. If it did you’d already be who you wanted to be by now. Put in the blood, sweat, and tears… it’s worth it. You are worth it.

Paulo Perdu

Paulo Perdu made his first dollar online in 2010. His Udemy courses help over 18,000 students in 162 countries to make their first dollar online, or even replace their jobs. He has received over 930 reviews and an overall 4.5 instructor rating. He continually shares what's working today at