The Success Paradox (Part 2)

I think there’s also another success paradox that rookie entrepreneurs fail to understand.

And that is the paradox of give and take.

Meaning, if you want to receive you must also give. If you want to receive money, you must give something of value.

I believe this (along with the paradox I shared yesterday) is what many rookie entrepreneurs ignore or brush off as too simplistic. Yet this is the basis of financial success. Without this understanding you go nowhere.

For example, think of the last purchase you made. You got something you valued more than your money. And on the other side of the transaction, the entrepreneur got your money and gave away something they valued less than the money.

There’s that balance of give and take.

Now, the problem I see is that all these rookies are looking for courses and ways to make money… and they’re falling for these fake “push button riches” courses.

Again, falling for this trap is ignoring the principle that you must give, create, or offer something BEFORE you can receive.

You can’t get something without giving something. Thinking you can will result in poorness, or you’ll be living on the dark side.

I think this coupled with the failure to understand that achievement requires a struggle is perhaps the two biggest reasons most rookie entrepreneurs don’t progress.

Next, I believe that under this giving principle… You must align giving your special gifts. Meaning, I believe every single person has some unique combination of strengths. And that you must discover how you can contribute that to as many people as you can.

Now, if you have the state of mind where you have nothing to give… then you’re living in the illusion of scarcity. Check the post I wrote about “How To Live in the Realm of Wealth” for ideas on how to break out of that.

Next, I think the other mistake is ignoring, not seeking, or not using your unique strengths in COMBINATION with giving value to the world.

For example, maybe you’ve witnessed some parents force their kids into dentistry, engineering, doctorate, etc. just because they believe their kids can get a lot of money in those fields.

Now, I believe the problem with this is that riches probably won’t be achieved because there might be a misalignment.

For example, if these kids don’t have the strengths to succeed in that field… they’ll probably struggle or lack motivation.

The point: If you don’t align your strengths with the vehicle you choose to contribute, then you’ll probably lack motivation or struggle more than you have to when striving to achieve your end goal (if you do at all).

So my suggestion is to understand your strengths… who you are… who you want to be… and then discover what vehicle fits you best to contribute… and then, lastly, get the money you seek.

Remember, everything has their place in nature. I think this is very apparent if you’re out in nature long enough or you watch some nature documentaries. Everything has some unique set of skills and value to give, and then take.

Again, the point is: find YOU. Find out what YOU can do best. Find out what will work for YOU.  Think about what you GIVE first (and how) before you even think about taking. Then find out how you can commit to it daily.

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Paulo Perdu

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