The Truth About Being Your Own Boss

I get to talk with a lot of newcomers in the entrepreneurial world.

Most of them are employees that want to “become their own boss”. And I have some tingling suspicion that most of the rookies believe this may mean “less responsibility”.

But, that’s not the case and becoming your own boss is really a lie.

What Do I Mean?

If you’re an employee you typically only have boss to report to, or a handful of higher management.

But, as an entrepreneur you don’t have a handful of bosses. No, instead you have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of customers. And each one of them is your boss.

After all, these customers will determine whether they will pay you for your product or services. And if you don’t listen to them you won’t get paid.

For example, when I first launched Digital Flipping it had a rough start. I received some constructive criticism from some students. I listened to my “bosses” and I updated and improved the course until I ultimately didn’t hear anything else that needed to be improved upon.

Again, I wasn’t my own boss. In my case, I had thousands.

So the “lie”, or irony, of “being your own boss” is that you really aren’t. Instead, you transition to having many more bosses when you’re an entrepreneur.

The Truth

Now, I never grew up a church-goer, but I remember (maybe from a book I’ve read) that quoted this part from the Bible:

The greatest among you will be your servant. – Matthew 23:11

I believe that line exposes the truth behind “being your own boss”.

As an entrepreneur, you’re taking on MORE responsibility. You’re taking on MORE bosses. You’re SERVING MORE PEOPLE AT A MASSIVE SCALE.

Being your own boss is not about less responsibility. It’s about BECOMING MORE.

More responsibility. More clarity. More discipline. More action. More understanding. More challenges. More growth. More creation.

Entrepreneurial success is NOT an easy road. It will likely take years.

Again, this is why I repeat this time and time again:

  1. Find out what other people desire/need/want
  2. Find a way how you can use your strengths to satisfy their desires at scale

After all, if you find a way to use your strengths to help others at scale then chances are you will be fulfilled, motivated, and finally stick to the journey long enough until you experience your biggest breakthroughs.

If you’re a student of Digital Flipping, then you’ve already been exposed to those two principles. But it doesn’t hurt to get it stuck in your head. After all, that’s the real fundamentals of making money that can be applied anywhere.

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