This is HUGE! How you can literally make $50,000 per month!

Someone posted this In the Liberty Dojo Facebook group:

My Response

If you’ve been carefully reading the “Create Your Dream Life” guides then you probably already know my response to this.

I find this saddening.

This guy literally just posted an image of a THEORETICAL CALCULATOR of what seems to be an MLM business.

First of all, this calculator proves nothing. This is nothing like the $20,000 Facebook Ad Campaign case study I’ve shown you guys.

Now, in my early years, I’ve been scammed before.
I’ve fallen for MLM shit. And “get rich easy” internet marketers.
I’m saddened by this because this is the mindset I’m trying to help you guys avoid.
This wrong mindset literally took YEARS to overcome because the financial losses I suffered.
For more insights on how to avoid this, read below. If not, well then some people just gotta feel the burn themselves.

The Good In This

Now, this calculator does show the POSSIBILITIES of if you offer something at scale.

Similar to the fundamentals I teach you in Digital Flipping and the Facebook course.

The Bad In This

The only thing I find saddening is that most people NEGLECT the reality of the work required.

They ignore whether it taps into their talents, and whether they’re providing actual value. Instead, the greed glands take over.

Remember, in order to succeed and sell something at scale:

  • You have to truly understand people’s problems and desires
  • You have to truly provide a product or service that solves this problem and desire
  • You have to know how to reach people at scale
  • And you have to continually fine-tune your understanding of others, your product/service, and your campaign

Is it easy? NO.

Here Was My Original Response To This

Y’all greed glands are salivating at a calculator simulation? Really? SMH. Have I taught you guys nothing?

You guys follow the money, but that doesn’t make money. Knowing what people want, and giving it to them at scale makes big money.

Have you guys not seen my $20k ad campaign case study? Cmon guys.

You guys want the big payday, but don’t want to focus on fundamentals. Good luck

I’m going to leave this post up.

For those that hop on this scammers bandwagon feel free.

Just let me know so I can also remove you from this group. Clearly the things I’m trying to kick in your ear are nothing you want to hear.

Good luck chasing the dream of big, easy riches.

Another thing: It’s highly likely I make more than this theoretical calculator guy.

Most of you have seen proof of my ad campaigns.

Yet where are the questions? I’m here.

When I tell you guys the reality of the hard work required it seems most people just disappear…

You guys want EXTREME results, yet where is the EXTREME sacrifice, hard work, empowering beliefs, action, daily routines, daily failure and learning?

Again, I don’t tell you guys how easy it is… why? because it isn’t!

The majority are looking for the easy riches. And that’s why the majority isn’t rich.

But there are a few of you in here that have the extreme mindset and intestinal fortitude that will eventually succeed. I can only hope my messages reach those of you. Are you one of damn few?

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