Why I Choose To Be Anonymous

A couple of students have noticed I don’t use my real name or photo in my online profiles.

I do this for a few reasons:

  1. Search Engine Optimization Purposes
  2. I prefer my substance and message stands out more than image
  3. Separate businesses from personal life

Search Engine Optimization

My name is fairly common.

So if a student were to refer me to someone else, then chances are they would not find my courses or website if they were to Google me.

That’s why I use a unique name, such as Paulo Perdu. If you Google that name you’ll see my courses and website right away.


The Message

Secondly, I have zero desire to be internet famous.

I’d prefer that my message stands out more than my image.

I don’t share what I’ve learned to be an “authority” figure or to be idolized.

Instead, I’d prefer you get inspired, and see YOURSELF making breakthroughs than for you to look up to me.

I’m just here to blow your mind and help you make your own breakthroughs.


Lastly, I want to separate my personal life from business.

I believe that’s probably why most authors tend to use pen names–to separate personas in different niches they operate in, and to keep their personal lives separate.

When I’m offline, I want to be 100% offline.

I don’t want notification popups. I don’t want to talk about campaigns. I don’t want to be handling Q&A. I don’t want to talk business.

In fact, I’d prefer that when I’m out and about that no one knows I’m an entrepreneur, what I do, how much I make, etc.

Instead, I want to enjoy and be in the moment during whatever activity, hobby, or gathering I’m involved in.

If you’re against any of these reasons that’s fine. I suggest you don’t buy my courses, don’t read my articles, and probably find someone else you align with more to follow. 🙂

But, if these reasons make sense to you then by all means continue listening to these messages and practice them in your life.

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Paulo Perdu

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