Why Successful People Share Ideas And Don’t Fear Competition

A Digital Flipping 1.0 student posted this review:

I took the first course and it seems like a pretty cool idea. You are connecting buyers and sellers, not unlike what a contractor would do in the construction industry. I haven’t tried this at all, and do not have any great technological skills, which is the whole point of finding someone who can do the work. I am skeptical though because in the comments, I did not see a lot or even several people saying that they have done this, and made money. Also with lots of people learning this, and the fact that the buyer could just find the seller themselves, not sure how many of these opportunities really exist. Just curious what was your motivation to share this information, if I had a great money making strategy why would I share it and increase competition with myself?

And in this review it seems he has two major concerns:

  1. He wants proof others were successful
  2. He wonders why I’d share how I make money and potentially increase competition

Proof Of Success

This concern is fairly straight forward.

If you read the Digital Flipping 2.0 reviews you’ll see actual testimonials of students making their first dollar, and others making “salary-replacing” income.

Of course, I cannot post those testimonials in the Digital Flipping 1.0 (free course version) because those students didn’t post it there.

And of course, the success student’s experience will depend on their effort. Some students put in the work, some don’t. 

Why Successful People Share Ideas

In virtually all areas of life, I’ve noticed that the most successful people tend to share their routines, programs, ideas, and principles.

For example, you’ll see world champion bodybuilders or fitness experts sharing their routines. The world’s greatest hedge fund managers share their principles in a book. The world’s greatest entrepreneurs share their philosophies and ways they generate income in a course. And so on.

It’s amazing how we’re able to access knowledge and expertise from the best of the best.

Now, when I was a rookie entrepreneur I’d sometimes wonder why successful people would share their expertise.

And here’s what I discovered as I’ve gotten older and more experienced:

I’ve noticed that the greatest joy I receive in life is by positively impacting someone’s life. And one simple way to measure my impact is through commerce.

In other words, if I create something and someone is willing to exchange their blood, sweat, and tears (through the form of money they earned) for my creation then it’s safe to say that they’ve found a positive value in my creation. And the reviews and messages they leave are further testimony to that.

This feeling is highly addictive. And this is why I noticed that the more successful entrepreneurs get then the more and more they tend to create. 

For example, you see successful billionaires like Mark Cuban getting involved in more and more ventures that allow him partner and create more of a positive impact.

I think deep down that once you’re no longer worrying about supporting you and your family’s needs then you start to think deep questions like:

  1. What will your life’s purpose be?
  2. What will your legacy be?
  3. How can you use your talents to help more people?

And these same questions lead me to sharing more of what I learned, and getting rewarded for it.

Why I Don’t Fear Competition

The site I share to implement Digital Flipping has been operational for 17 years.

If there was a time to fear competition, it’d be now. Yet, I don’t fear competition or further competition from students.


I no longer fear competition like I used to when I was a rookie entrepreneur. And the reason why is because I don’t see competition as something to be feared.

Instead I see competition as something that helps me grow and become better at serving others. 

Think of it this way: Competition is simply someone else providing a service in a way that some customers want.

For example, in a free market there is more than one pizzeria, more than one shoe brand, more than one car manufacturer, and so on…

So why can they all exist? 

I believe it’s because they all understand the different needs of their potential customers.

Using the same example: One pizzeria knows the type of sauce people like, or they provide alternatives, Another pizzeria uses exotic cheeses that others don’t, Other pizzerias use toppings others don’t, etc.

In other words, there are so many needs, desires, problems that can be solved.

So if you fear competition it’s probably because you are focusing on scarcity and not actually seeing the abundance of opportunity. Or because you aren’t confident in your ability to understand and deliver solutions to what people want.

Fortunately, those things are what I teach in Digital Flipping. And that course has been live for a little over a year now and yet my earnings haven’t decreased from doing it.

If anything, I’ve earned more. In fact, I’ve shared screenshot earnings in the course.

And I believe I earn more because I’ve learned also from students. Again, competition isn’t something to be feared but something that helps all of us grow, get better at serving, and getting rewarded more.

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