Why You Should Not Care About Profits At First

I know that sounds like a crazy statement.

But let me explain this in detail.

I’ve noticed that most beginner affiliate marketers or entrepreneurs, in general, typically ask something along the lines of this:

How much money can we make, after ad spend, in one week?

In other words, they want to know the future.

If you have similar questions, take a step back and think about how crazy this is.

Like I mention in my affiliate marketing course, there’s absolutely no way for anyone (even a super affiliate) to predict your future.


Well, how well do I know you? Do you fully understand the steps I laid out for you in the course? Did you actually follow them carefully? Can you share proof you did so?

And even if you did… remember, I mention that BEST CASE SCENARIO you’ll lose only a small amount of money when you launch a campaign.

Again, like I mention in the affiliate course, even if you copy a winning campaign there are some things spy tools don’t tell you.

So, at best, instead of having a campaign that is -100% ROI… you may launch campaigns at -30% ROI or -10% ROI, etc.

And that’s IF you followed the steps I laid out for you carefully.

Now, remember, as an affiliate marketer our job is to TURN THE CAMPAIGN PROFITABLE.

It’s NOT to launch campaigns and HOPE that all of a sudden you’re profiting right away.

No. We are NOT getting paid to LAUNCH campaigns.

We are getting paid to create BETTER campaigns to sell more product and solve more problems.

Again this is why I mention, in the affiliate marketing course, that copying campaigns only provide a benchmark for you to improve upon. And that’s why I’ve included steps to turn a campaign profitable and scale.

Remember: This is still a job, albeit a fun job, not the lottery.

We’re not trying to spy on winning campaigns, choose one, and hope it profits right away.

Our job is to TURN the campaign profitable for all parties: us, customers, product owners, affiliate networks, and traffic networks.

Remember, affiliate marketing is just like any career. Don’t expect to reach the top of your game instantly or without effort.

Also, anything you try for the first few times is usually going to result in subpar results. Why? Because you’re NEW at it.

Even when someone showed you how to ride a bike… you probably still fell a few times at first. Same principle applies with affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship.

Remember, it’s up to us to analyze, adjust, and repeat our actions so we can create the future we want and be worth the riches we seek.

So, in short, don’t expect profits right away. But instead, BUILD UPON campaigns that have potential to profit. That’s our job.

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Paulo Perdu

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